Friday, July 12, 2013

First post!

It started in 6th grade when one of my friends introduced me to a program called BYOND. It was a website where you could create games and publish them onto this website and other people could play it. I immediately was interested in the developing side of the fence.I started making games with the help of my friend, and already had some cheap, playable games. The program did a lot of work for you and it was very simple to make a game that was decent to play.
I played with that tool for a while until I got into high school, once I got into high school I stopped programming for a bit, and focused on music. I joined the high school band, and had a band of my own which I played guitar for both. I studied music theory and took a few classes on it. 
When I was around 15 I was pretty interested in making games with Java, mainly because I was tired of making these 2d 10 FPS games, and wanted to do game development as a full time career. Around this time was the age where indie didn't have as much of a foothold as it holds today. So after looking into my vision I decided to be a little bit more realistic and strode away from development.
Around a year ago, I already had a full-time career, and still do, and I decided that indie was starting to bloom as a huge thing, so I decided to pick it up and work on it in my spare time while keeping my full time job, as of now I am working on one project, and already have one more idea written up. I do the programming/art/music/sounds/ideas for my projects.
As far as my projects go, I don't want to reveal too much without having anything to show for it, as far as ideas go though I really love co-operative games. I always have loved them whenever I was younger and they are still my favorite games to play. Friends working together to achieve one goal, by different means. It builds friendship, it forms friendship, and its fun! I also love the idea of local coop (multiple people, one machine) and I hope to incorporate that into my games as well.
Right now I am working on C#, using the monogame framework, using Monodevelop as an IDE. I really love using these, and they are very flexable tools.
I would love to get more projects rolling faster, so if there are any fellow programmers or artists, or anything, that are willing to team up, or contribute, or network, or anything, I love meeting new people. Shoot me an e-mail or anything!

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